Jervis Bay, Spring Family Weekend

24th, 25th & 26th September 2021

"Getting the all the Kids Together"

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This trip is for families who love snorkeling and scuba diving. It's Spring and the new pups and calves are out to play. If you're a snorkeler or a scuba diver this trip offers amazing experiences for both. Families share the same boats & experiences, swim, snorkel, and scuba dive together but stay at their own preferred choice of accommodation. The weekend starts with a bbq and a chance for everyone to meet. Each night we arrange a dinner venue for those who would like to share stories of the day's adventures, but for many, it's an early night to recharge to make the most for the next day. 



Jervis Bay is about 200km or about a 3-hour drive south of Sydney along the Princess Highway. This is a self-drive weekend; each family will need to make their own way down to Jervis Bay.


Friday, 24th September

Family BBQ @ Greenfield Beach Picnic Area

5 pm onwards


Saturday, 25th September

Water Activities

Group 1 – Whale Swimming

Group 2 – Scuba Diving – double boat dive


Huskisson Hotel (TBC)


Sunday, 26th September

Group 1 - Scuba Diving – double boat dive

Group 2 – Whale Swimming


Club Jervis Bay (TBC)  

Swim with the Whales

$185.00 per person includes wetsuit, mask, and fins.

The whales are traveling south at this time. The mums have given birth up north and are taking their new babies (calves) down to Antarctica for the winter. The adult males are traveling south alone looking for mums and babies to look after; so, they are being particularly playful and there is lots of singing and fin slapping.

Important Points

  • The boat has to stay 100 meters from the whales. We continually stress to all customers that any encounter is purely up to the Whales, we do not guarantee that you will see whales on any trip or have any interactions with them. It is the whale’s decision to come to the final 100m to you and on many occasions, they will simply swim by swim away or completely ignore you. However last year 56% of the whale boats had an in-water interaction with the whales, and 97% of the people on the boats at least saw whales from the boats on our trips.

  • Our boats will head either North or South depending on conditions, primarily we will be looking for Whales, but we will also (time and weather permitting) head into one of the Seal Haul outs for a swim with them.

  • You can not get into the water if there are calves in the group.

  • You must be able to confidently swim over 200m and be positively buoyant at all times.

  • The boat will approach under power no closer than 150m to any whale, drops will be conducted 300m from the whales, the whales must make the trip the rest of the way.

  • Snorkelers must stay within the area with the Dive Master at all times and obey any instructions that they are given.

  • Whales are not to be approached or dived at, snorkelers must remain a minimum of 30m away and actively swim away if any whale approaches them closer than 6m.

  • If there are any signs of distress, tail slapping, or breaching within 30m all snorkelers must return to the boat immediately.

  • Be aware that this is a deep-water activity conducted generally away from the shoreline and with up to 100m of water under you.

  • Trips may either be part of an existing dive trip or a specified boat depending on conditions and circumstances. The trip may be canceled at any time due to safety or other concerns. As with all diving activities are weather dependant, and we may have to restrict or cancel the activity depending on what we find out there.


While in the water you must not:

  • Touch, feed or interfere with the natural behavior of Humpback Whales.

  • Chase or harass whales or interrupt their swimming patterns.

  • Intentionally enter the water with any cetacean species other than Humpback Whales

  • Enter the water in groups of more than 10 snorkelers.

  • Spend any more than 30 minutes cumulative time daily with a specific individual or pod.

  • Use additional mechanical apparatus including but not limited to scooters and horns.

  • Breach compliance with any obligations under provisions of the Biodiversity Conservation Regulation 2017.

  • The Boats below are dedicated Whale Swimming Boats and will spend the majority of the time out looking for whales.


Scuba Diving or Snorkeling Double Boat Dive

$175.00 per person Double Boat Dive

$135.00 per person Snorkelers

$50.00 Full Scuba Equipment Rental

* Amanda (icfish owner/Instructor) will be on the dive boat on both days specifically helping and guiding any divers from our group if they would like.

At this time of year, Port Jackson Sharks are everywhere and like the whales and the seals, it’s the best time to see the pups.

This is a double dive on one of our dive boats for either Snorkelers or Scuba Divers. The total trip time is around 4 to 5 hours from departure. Please be at the shop 45 minutes before departure time so we can arrange to meet your needs.

The boats leave from the Huskisson Wharf 100m and head out into the marine park. The average journey is around 40min across the Bay.

The Dive Master and Skipper will make the decision on the best place to dive depending on the conditions and the various skill levels of the divers or snorkelers. There are multiple dive sites that cater to both groups equally.

There is a maximum bottom time of 50minutes for Scuba and all dives are to be no-decompression dives.

After dive 1, during the surface interval, you can choose from tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup, bread, biscuits, and cheese. During the surface interval, we will generally move to a second location for Dive 2.

After the 2nd dive is completed, we’ll head back to the wharf.

Hire gear is available as an option if necessary, alloy tanks and weights are included in the dive price and do not count as hire gear. If you have your own tanks you receive a free fill within the price.


Being school holidays and to accommodate each family's preferences we have decided that it is best for each family to book their own accommodation for the weekend and pay directly with the hotel or resort of their choice. 

There are lots of great accommodation options in Jervis Bay;  September is peak season and they book up fast. To ensure that you don't miss out on your preferred choice book as soon as possible. Here are a couple of options and ideas to help you choose.


National Park Camping

Private Campgrounds.

Jervis Bay Holiday Park

Holiday Haven

Holiday Houses & Apartments

The Hideaway, sleeps 10

The Nautilus apartments

Dive Centre Budget Dorm Accommodation & Resort Rooms

Dive Jervis Bay

Huskisson Bayside Resort


Whale Swim: $185.00 per person (no child discount due to a maximum number of 10 on the boat)

Double Scuba Dive: $175.00 per person and $50 equipment rental if you require it.

Dive Boat Snorkeling $135.00 per person

Your travel, accommodation & food costs are paid directly at the time of booking, not to us. 

If you are interested in joining us for this amazing trip please fill in the form below or contact Amanda on 0419 201 504 or

Expression of Interest Form


Thank you for your families interest we will contact you in the next 24 hours