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Snorkeling can be incredibly captivating for kids.

We offer two great introductions to snorkeling programs depending on what your child will enjoy the most.

School Holiday Learn to Snorkel Day

Monday, 2nd October

10am - 2pm

Students complete both the Learn in the Pool and then are taken to try out their skills at Cabbage Tree Bay Marine Reserve. Price $150 per student. Maximum 4 students

1. Learn to Snorkel in the Pool

For kids that have never tried snorkeling before or are nervous about swimming in the ocean, this pool-based course is perfect for building confidence.


The kids start by learning all about equipment preparation, checking for proper fit and how to look after their equipment. Then it's time to jump in the pool and learn snorkeling techniques before practicing their skills during some fun snorkeling games.

The aim of the course is to gently introduce the kids to snorkeling in the safe confines of a swimming pool before jumping in the ocean.

Price: $30 per child

Age: 8 - 12 years

Duration: 30 minutes

All equipment is provided

Learn to Snorkel and guided Ocean Snorkeling Tour

For the ocean-confident kids who are happy to jump straight into the ocean, this course is perfect. Their Instructor will give a short land-based briefing which will include some snorkeling tips, tricks, and techniques as well as equipment preparation and care. Then it's time to gear up and jump in and see some fish. 

The aim of the course is to build skills and find loads of fish.

Price: $150 per child

Age: 8 - 12 years

Duration: 45 minutes

All equipment is provided

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