The icfish difference……


It’s “about” Time

Whilst PADI allows the entry level Open Water Course to be competed in 3 days; at icfish we don’t put a time limit on it. We allow as much time as we all need to develop a safe, confident and lifelong diver.

Our School Holiday Open Water courses provide the perfect environment for your kids to do exactly that. Over a week surrounded by kids the same age and without the other time pressures of school, parents work commitments and other activities, we will develop safe, confident scuba divers; who can enjoy a lifetime of diving.

Their scuba diving license will hold a sense of pride as well as providing constant wonderful memories for them.

Structure and Standards

The course is structured and consists of 5 sections of theory, 5 in the pool and 4 open water dives. Once one section is mastered and standards are easily met, we move onto the next step. There are no prizes for completing first. Our group sizes will never exceed more than 4 students in the pool at one time and in the open water we go one better and reduce the ratio of 2 students to 1 Instructor. We allow lots of time to play and practice in the pool outside of the structured exercises under the watchful eye of their Instructor which develops familiarity with their environment and the equipment. No child will ever be taken into open water unless they feel ready to do so and we are confident that they will safely enjoy it.


Credit or Referral System

The PADI Open Water course works on a “credit” system. The student gains a credit for each section they complete, if they complete the full course in 12 months from the date of their last lesson. If they cannot attend on any one day of the course, it’s ok; they can come back and pick up where they left off. They can even transfer their credits to any other PADI dive center worldwide.  


Our Equipment

At icfish we use specifically designed scuba diving equipment for kids we are not trying to fit your kids into small adult sizes. Your kids comfort and safety is our highest priority.


We know for our business to thrive your kids must want to come back and dive again and again and their parents must want them to as well!

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