Frequently Asked Questions

Scuba Diving.... 

As easy as breathing

Easier than walking

As adventurous as you want to make it​

1. What is the youngest age you can start scuba diving?  8 years old. 8 & 9 year old’s can enrol in pool only scuba diving activities. We offer scuba parties and the PADI Bubblemaker and Seal Team Programs for all our 8 & 9 years old’s who are keen to start scuba diving.

2. How old do you have to be to dive in the ocean? 10 years old; although it varies from country to country. Australia has just changed their minimum age to 10. Junior Open Water Divers have different rules and regulations depending on the age of the child.

10 & 11 year old’s; Maximum Depth 12 meters; Must dive with a parent/guardian or PADI Professional

12 - 14 year old’s; Maximum Depth 18 meters (21 meters for Junior Advanced Open Water Divers), Must dive with an adult certified diver

16 - 17 year old’s; Maximum Depth 18 meters (30 meters for Advanced Open Water Diver) Parent/guardian & teenager must sign administrative forms

18+ year old’s; Maximum Depth Open Water Diver 18 meters and Advanced Open Water Diver 30 meters

3. Do I have to be a strong swimmer to scuba dive? No, diving is more like flying than swimming, and you wear a jacket which inflates meaning you don't have to swim when you are on the surface you can just float. During the Open Water Course your Instructor will ask you to float or swim in water too deep to stand up in (however you like) for 10 minutes. You will also be asked to swim 200 meters continuously without mask, snorkel and fins or 300 meters with mask snorkel & fins; any stroke or combination of strokes you like; there is no time limit and so you can take as long as you like. This is normally conducted in a swimming pool, but if you would like to do this in the ocean you can just as long as it is completed by the end of the course.

4. I used to have asthma when I was a child, I've never had an asthma attack; do I have to write "Yes" on the medical form? Yes, it's important that you are checked by your doctor. We can provide the forms for you to take. to you doctor to sign. Asthma can be irritated by breathing compressed air and so it's important that you are checked before you start diving.

5. Is it easy? Yes, it's safe, fun and easy to learn to dive. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your course is enjoyable.