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The  Australian Teen Dive Team is a special group of teens bonded through their love of scuba diving and the oceans.  Under the supervision and instruction of experienced PADI dive professionals and marine specialists they get a very personal introduction to the wonders of our underwater world. 

Teen Night Dive

Friday, 16th April 2021

Shelly Beach, Manly (subject to weather conditions) and wondered if Will would be interested?

Drop off : 7 pm
Pick up : 9 pm

Price: 125.00pp
Includes torch hire and equipment *excluding wetsuit

Max Numbers: 4

Certification Level: PADI Junior Open Water and Open Water Divers upwards

Dive Information

We'll meet at 7 pm on the grass area at Shelly Beach, Manly (if we have to change dive sites due to weather conditions you will receive a text earlier in the day). We start with a "Night Dive" briefing, where we talk about the differences of diving at night, safely, how to use a dive torch, signaling & communications, what you can see & buddy system procedures. Then it's time to gear up; performing buddy checks and head to the water aiming to get in around 7.45 pm just as the sun is setting (sunset is at around 8 pm) this will give us a chance to acclimatize to the changing light as well as witness the reef "going to bed" before fully experiencing the wonders of night diving. The dive usually takes around 45 minutes and is followed by lots of chatting about what we saw over a hot chocolate whilst filling in our logbooks.


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Monday; 12th April 2021 - Nurse Sharks & Soft Coral

Wednesday, 14th April - Seals & Dragons

Friday, 16th April - Night Dive


This is without a doubt one of the most popular dives on our calendar for our Teen Dive Team. The day starts with a briefing given by our PADI Shark Specialty Instructor,  the teens learn all about The Grey Nurse Sharks, how to spot if they are male or female; different behaviors, and how to identify them; the life cycle of Nurse Sharks; why they are safe to dive with, as well as important diving techniques and rules (primarily no touching or chasing). Then it's time to gear up and jump in. It's a great dive for Open Water Divers because it's shallow around the 12meters in depth. The group sizes are small with 1 Instructor guiding a maximum of 4 divers.

Our second dive of the day is all about Sydneys beautiful soft corals. Again the teens will get a ten-minute talk on everything amazing about corals before jumping in and finding some of their own (with their Instructor) and if we're lucky hopefully we'll find some Weedy Sea Dragons as well.

Monday, 12th April 2021



1 x Nurse Shark Alley

1 x Soft Coral Gardens

(Both dives are boat dives)

Full Equipment Rental


Another popular one! Today is all about playing with seals. Whilst the Nurse Shark Day was about sitting back and watching them; with seals, it's best to invite them to play. The teens will learn all about Seals before jumping in and diving with them. Small groups of 4 divers to one Instructor. The second dive may be at the same dive site if we have had so much fun and don't want to leave or we will head over to another dive site to explore and investigate Weedy Sea Dragons. 

Wednesday, 14th April 2021


1 x Seal Dive

1 x Sea Dragons Dive

Price includes full equipment rental.


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